There are two components to trampoline & tumbling scores: Performance and Difficulty. (There has been a recent addition of time of flight for the elite levels and level 10.) While watching competition, you will see performance scores only for compulsory routines, and both performance and difficulty scores for optional routines. Performance scores reflect how well the routine content was executed, Including form, position, and technique. Performance scores are all out of 10. Difficulty reflects how hard the content was learn or perform. Difficulty is constructed from the number of twists and number of rotations. Scores are additive.

For a trampoline compulsory routine, the score will be the sum of 3 performance scores, with a maximum of 30 points possible. Trampoline scoring is focused on what average looks like, and the mean score should be 7.5 from each judge, or 22.5 total. Scores around 8.0 (24.0 sum) are above average, and total scores of 25 to 27 typically win or place at nationals.

Optional routines on trampoline have 30 points of performance score, plus difficulty. Typical difficulty for level 8 is 4-5 points, with 5-7 points for level 9, and 7-10 points for level 10. 6 points is about the highest difficulty for single rotation routines, and to get above that level, doubles are needed. Adding in the compulsory score, total possible scores for optional trampoline are typically from 64-70, depending on level, with final scores of 48-57 being typical. Time of flight will typically add 20-40 points to the final score for completed routines.

DMT does two skills per pass, so scores from each judge are higher than on trampoline. For two compulsory passes (DMT levels 5-7), mean performance scores are around 9.2-9.3, with a typical range of 8.9-9.6. Final score totals of 54-57 are common.

For levels 8-10, both passes are optional, but must meet requirements. The required difficulty range for level 8 is 2.4-4.2. Level 9 difficulty ranges from 3.4-7.4, and level 10 from 4.2-12.0. Total scores for optional levels typically range from 58 to 66.