Team Fees

The KMC Trampoline and Tumbling Parents Organization (KMC TTPO) collects fees to support the operation and maintenance of the team (“Assessments”) and manages individual escrow accounts for each athlete (“Escrow”).

Assessments are used to pay for shared team expenses, mainly coaching fees at away meets, and also misc. team expenses such as end of season celebration, coaches’ continuing ed., web site maintenance, etc.

Escrow accounts are set up for each individual athlete, to pay for athlete-specific expenses like USAG membership fees and meet entry fees.

Any money paid into the general fund as Assessments is not refundable should you decide to leave the team. Any money in your Escrow is 100% refundable if unused.

For the 2017-2018 season (July – June), the budget for team fees are estimated $1,100 per athlete*, with approximately half of that amount going to Assessments and approximately half of that amount going to the athlete’s Escrow account. Fees will be collected in four payments: Aug. 15, Oct. 15, Dec. 15, and Feb. 15.

Athletes who join the team mid-season will receive a pro-rated team fees payment schedule.

In addition to team fees, each athlete will pay tuition to KMC Gymnastics for practice time in the gym. Tuition is not collected by the KMC TTPO. It is paid directly to KMC Gymnastics and is based upon how many hours the athlete practices in the gym. Discounts for bundled classes do not apply to team tuition. For more information on team tuition, please contact KMC Gymnastics directly at 610-444-4464.

Other expenses you may expect to incur, as a member of the KMC Trampoline Team, include uniform expenses, and travel and transportation expenses to and from meets.

*this amount is subject to change each season