Trampoline Classes at KMC

Trampoline classes at KMC are a great way to learn to do Trampoline.  Our coaches and lead instructors instructors are USA Gymnastics professional or junior professional members, and are USAG safety certified.  They have all taken the USAG trampoline & tumbling level 1 coaching course, and maintain their coaching skills with regular continuing education.

Learning to do Trampoline is a great adventure.  While our sport falls under the gymnastics umbrella, it is a different animal.  Most gymnasts look at the trampoline as a training aid that they are a little afraid of… all work.  We trampolinists embrace the vertical, time in the air, and the work feels more like play.  Gymnasts learn to flip and twist, but pray to be done with twisting by the time their flip hits the floor.  Trampolinists finish twisting in the air and float back down to the trampoline.  Many of the skills are the same, but ours are larger and less confined; it looks and feels different when we do it.

Our sport has been described as an extreme sport, and can be a controlled outlet for sensation seekers.   At the extreme, elite athletes spin and twist 15 feet above the trampoline, channeling energy most cannot comprehend in a state of near euphoria.  Most of us will not get to that level, but those who start the journey will learn which way UP is, and how to get there.  It all begins with that first class, that first bounce.  In the process, you will become aware of your body, learn how to make it do what you want it to do, and learn how to stay safe while doing it.

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Beginning Trampoline has no requirements.  Students will learn basic skills and positions for trampoline and double mini-trampoline, including straight jumps and position jumps, twisting skills, bed landings in all positions on trampoline.  As students progress, they will develop back tuck and front tuck.  Students are allowed to progress at their own pace, and other skills may be offered for students who excel.

Beginning trampoline is available Tuesday and Thursday, 4-5PM, and 5-6PM.

Intermediate Trampoline – Requirements.  Students must be comfortable with bed landings in all positions and position jumps, and be able to do front and back tuck.  Students will learn skills from the USA Gymnastics developmental levels 4-7, including front and back rotation skills and twisting rotation skills.