Trampoline Resources

This page presents trampoline resources and video links for athletes and coaches.  This includes reading material on trampoline technique, reference material, and video links for drills and skills at various levels.  We also have samples of current USAG Junior Olympic routines and double mini passes from level 5 up.  We are also gathering a similar series for mobility skills, but they are not ready yet.

Useful Resources:

Region 6 Trampoline and Tumbling Facebook Page
USAG Trampoline and Tumbling

California has a link for everything
Great Trampoline Technique Articles from the UK
Another source for those technique articles
The Physics of Twisting
The Stick Figure Trampoline Game (OK, so it’s not useful..)

 Video Links:

Footage of Paul Luxon, first to use straight arm twisting, and other expressions of modern technique
Technique Video “Miller Time” – Lots of Drills and Ideas

2007 Worlds Training Session (Good for watching technique)
Jason Burnett, Toronto (Highest Difficulty on Record)


Full-in half-out pike drills.   Erifilly, 12 yo girl in the UK
More full-in half-out pike drills

Trampoline routines at various levels:

Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8 Compulsory
Level 8 Optional
Level 9 Compulsory
Level 9 Optional
Level 10 Compulsory
Level 10 Optional
Jr. Elite, Compulsory and Optional

Double Mini Trampoline:

Level 5 –  Pass 1    Pass 2 (Sorry, it’s hard to find a good one)
Level 6 –  Pass 1    Pass 2
Level 7 –  Pass 1    Pass 2
Optional Levels:
Level 8 –  Pass 1   Pass 2
Level 9 –  Pass 1,2 3
Level 10 –  Pass 1   Pass 2     Pass 3   Pass 4
Sr. Elite   –    Pass 1    Pass 2    Pass 3    Pass 4 (You need to see pass 4)

Gymnastics FlashCards

Click Here to explore our Gymnastics FlashCards, created as a tool for mastering the competition rules for judging.  We provide a link to software created by “The Mnemosyne Project”.  We also have Card Sets made for Men’s Gymnastics, and we are currently developing a set of cards for Trampoline.