About the Team and Their Mission


KMC T&T’s mission is to train athletes in the sport of trampoline and tumbling, and to encourage each member to reach their full potential. They are also committed to making each athlete a happy, healthy, and responsible individual who learns to overcome their fears, push themselves to new levels, and to soar to new heights in whatever they may choose to do.

About the Team:

This is the 19th year for KMC trampoline. Over the years, the size of the team has varied, but the quality has always remained top notch. The team has produced its share of regional and national champions at various levels, including national champions Steve Kydd (Level 10), Joseph Kozlowski (Level 10), Briana Kozlowski (Level 5 DMT), Max Boddorff (Level 7 DMT), Isaac Hannah (Level 6 DMT), and Jordan Walchuk (two years at Level 5 and Level 7).

The program was started in 1997 by Don Furrer, beginning with several athletes who wanted something other than artistic gymnastics.  Don left coaching the team in 2007. Paul Wileyto took over, and immediately began developing additional coaches to provide for team continuity and expansion. He started with team parents who had gymnastics backgrounds, and former team members. The team continues to have great success developing coaches from senior and past team members, and from team parents who either have the appropriate background or are highly motivated to learn. They encourage any of their team parents who have some gymnastics background to discuss coaching and judging opportunities. And, those members of the competitive team who stick with the program through high-school can seek training to become coaches or judges, further building their responsibilities and resumes.

KMC Trampoline offers classes in developmental and recreational trampoline, in addition to the competitive team that takes part in the USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling program. For those with specific needs outside of scheduled group training, the coaches can offer private or semi-private lessons, which are arranged with individual instructors. The coaches and instructors are active participants at Open Gym, and do a lot of informal instruction there.