KMC Open Gym: Best Trampoline Park in Southeast Pennsylvania

Interested in bouncing? Live in Southeastern Pennsylvania or Delaware? KMC Open gym is a great option.  Open gym is cheaper than a trampoline park, we have better, more powerful trampolines, and a knowledgeable staff to supervise and assist those interested in learning new skills (More skills than you would be allowed to learn at a trampoline park).

See the KMC Open Gym page

Sunday open gym is for everyone ages 6 and up (from 1–3:30 PM).   Friday open gym is for teens and young adults (ages 13 & up, 8:30-11PM).  Open gym is for KMC members, but a limited annual membership for open gym costs less than one session at a trampoline park.  Call 610-444-4464 to confirm.
For a peek at Friday open gym, click here

Comparison between Open Gym at KMC versus Trampoline Park
KMC Open Gym Trampoline Park
Cost for 2 hours $10.00 $24.00
Trampoline Jumping Surface High Performance Web Bed, Olympic Quality Black Poly, Recreational Quality
Foam Pit for new skills Yes Some Do
Coaches who have produced trampoline champions Yes No
Other participants who can teach you skills Yes Sometimes
USA Gymnastics safety rules enforced Yes No
USAG Safety certified instructors Yes No
Large range of flipping and twisting skills Yes Maybe
Overhead spotting harness available for teaching Yes Rare
Can learn doubles (e.g. double back) Yes, if you have one in you, we can teach you No, they won’t let you